Companion app for iRacing

Get assistance from a virtual engineer during race and practice sessions.


Pit Board

Quick glance at your progress while driving by the pitwall - letting you focus on driving for the rest of the lap.


Shown In Race

Current Position
Difference to Nearest Cars
Laps Remaining

Shown In Practice

Last Lap Times
Time Remaining
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Force Feedback

Tune just the right settings for your Force Feedback. See level changes across the entire lap. Adjust FFB settings to find the maximum range without clipping.

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View alongside iRacing

Viewed as second screen while running iRacing.

Focus on racing while having key information on the side.

For iOS, Android, Windows Phone tablets


Supports all tablets with a modern web browser.

Virtual Engineer works by installing a computer program and pointing your tablet's web browser to a dedicated web address.

Also works on phones, but a tablet sized device is highly recommended.

In the works...

We are creating more features to Virtual Engineer, here's a sneak peek whats on the way.
Live Telemetry
Track Map


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